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guitartabs's Journal

Sharing Guitar Tabs
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A community for seeking/sharing guitar tabs.

We always need helpful people to join and participate!


There are several websites with large databases of guitar tabs. Please check these before posting here, so that members don't end up just doing your searching for you. We'd like to focus on hard-to-find or rare tabs.

Online Guitar Archive
Ultimate Guitar Archive

In order to be successful, this community will have to go two ways: as well as people looking for rare or hard-to-find tabs, we're going to need people who are able and willing to help them out, possibly by tabbing songs out themselves and posting them.


- PLEASE put long tabs behind LJ-cuts, noting exactly what song(s) is/are behind the cuts. Here are instructions on how to use the LJ-cut.

The only other rules are the obvious ones:

- Posts should be on-topic. I'm going to keep this pretty broad, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. If it's related to guitar music, that's enough. Nothing totally out of left field, please.

- Flaming or general mean-spiritedness will not be tolerated. We want the atmosphere to be friendly and helpful. If someone asks for a certain tab, DO NOT respond by telling them how much that song/band sucks, no matter how strong the urge... and no matter how much that song/band really DOES suck :P

- Do not promote unrelated communities (particularly ANY rating communities) here. The post will be deleted and you may be banned.

- If the moderator feels it necessary, members will be warned for bad behavior and banned if bad behavior continues. So be good, kids!

Other than that, go for it!

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