Ugliness Man (uglinessman) wrote in guitartabs,
Ugliness Man

REQ: Immaculate Machine "Phone No."

This comm appears to be basically dead, but hopefully someone here will be able to help me. I'm trying to figure out the chords for the song "Phone No." by Immaculate Machine. While the actual chords used in the song would be fine, what I'm really trying to get is equivalent chords that sound good played solo on acoustic guitar, as opposed to an electric as part of a band. I've searched the usual sites (including those listed in this comm's profile), and the only Immaculate Machine chords or tabs I could find were for "Jarhead" and "C'mon Sea Legs".

The following two links are completely legit and legal, I'm not trying to share "pirated" music here. First is a streaming link from CBC Radio 3 (awesome site for independant Canadian music), and the second is an mp3 directly from the band's own page.
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